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How to: Be Featured

Build your project portfolio 

Upload your projects and showcase your work.

Plus, engage with Bookmarc users by regularly posting on the latest trends, ideas or updates from your firm.

Get your tag on… 

Ever looked at an image and wondered who supplied what?

Add product tags to projects to help the design community find products easily and discover your work in the process. 

Be a hero 

Nothing like splashing a huge banner on the homepage to get attention.  For 30 days, we will feature your hero image on the best page of Bookmarc – the landing page. 

Create & share collections

Collections are items that have been saved onto a moodboard.   

Save images, ideas, and files into collections that can be shared with clients or colleagues. 

Grow your network 

Give yourself more visibility. 

Cross-market your brand by connecting in architects, builders and other designers.

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