Helen Awali was running a small architectural product specification and marketing agency when she noticed that the way building products suppliers marketed their technical literature was unsustainable. So much paper waste and the information was out of date.

In addition, designers like architects wasted time trying to find the products from the web for their projects; navigating through different supplier sites was super frustrating and inefficient.

More recently, when Helen (a qualified designer herself) was building her own home. She used project images as the point of inspiration but found it very difficult to source the products used in magazines or the web. It would often redirect her to blogs or irrelevant content.

There had to be a better way to solve all three frustrations!

As a result, Bookmarc was born, initially a B2B product library for the design and construction industry but fast forward to 2018 Bookmarc pivoted by opening up to design firms to publish their architecture and tagging in the suppliers used, enabling all suppliers to market their brands and users to find and buy them from images.

Now Bookmarc a centralised marketplace helping users to find designers, architectural and building products easily from images. Whether you’re a professional or a consumer, Bookmarc is the best way to get inspired and source what you need quickly.

We hope to see your brand on Bookmarc.