Collective Future Studio

At CFS we believe that only through community engagement and consultation we can achieve profound outcomes. Through a set of workshops, from ‘getting it built’ to a more specific ‘site, homes and community house, programming and design’ we help groups in their process of designing, conceptualising and transforming their own neighbourhoods. We engage with local and future residents, empowering them to take ownership, creating a sense of belonging to their community and homes by involving them in the process of design and decision making, bringing together community and sustainability to create a special place to be and live in. Social Design While aspects of environmental and economical sustainability have been widely explored through policies and technologies, the social aspects were largely neglected in many ecovillages designed around the world. Through design and group processes, we help you create a place where sharing, respect and support is at its core, a place that allows for spontaneous and intentional interactions through social design and activities created by the residents.