CRAB Studio

CRAB Studio (COOK-ROBOTHAM ARCHITECTURAL BUREAU) was set up in 2006 by Sir Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham who had designed (respectively) the Kunsthaus Graz and the interiors of the Magna Centre in Rotherham. Their curatorship of the British Pavilion at the 2006 Venice Biennale led directly to the setting-up of the Studio.


  • Abedian School of Architecture

    Abedian School of Architecture

    The building is a long, airy loft on two to three levels articulated y a series of ‘scoops’: defining structure-enclosures that can be used for casual meetings and ‘crit’ sessions. These line the cent

  • Arts University Bournemouth

    Arts University Bournemouth

    This commission came through a recognition that the fundamental nature of drawing and the way in which it stimulates thought needed to be recognised and celebrated in a building available to all secti

  • Kunsthaus


    The Kusthaus offers a rotund, laughing, winking face to the city of Graz. The straightforward entry is followed by a tantalizing element – the travelator that invites you into the unknown. The mystery

  • Gold Coast Cultural Precinct

    Gold Coast Cultural Precinct

    Located on a bend of the ‘broadwater’ that forms a penicula – which clasps a lake – we create a garden of surprises, yet with a simple basic organization. A central Plaza is flanked by the Theatres an