Kalliopi Vakras Architects

Established in 2009, Kalliopi Vakras Architects is an emerging architecture practice based in Heidelberg Heights, Victoria. KVA works directly with its clients to develop a brief which responds to the unique solutions that each individual project requires. Specific elements such as client needs, site context, historical and physical conditions of the site are explored in detaill prior to documentation and are executed through the construction phase with attention to detail, client involvement and with highest level of professionalism. The experience of the site and out clients' requirements drive a design process that creates solutions that are not only visual, but multi-sensory, a joy to interact with and are timeless . Each design response pays particular attention to the detailing, use of materials, experiential qualities of the space and the utilisation of natural light in an attempt to create an enjoyable, useable, poetic and sustainable space. KVA's works to date have included new single residences, substantial alterations and additions to residences, lower density multi-residential developments as well as hospitality and retail works in the Inner and outer areas of Melbourne.