Simon Pendal Architect

Simon Pendal Architect is a design based architectural practice. Simon Pendal Architect models off working and seeking to establish engaging and memorable places in response to the physical context and brief requirements, creating projects that exhibit integration between design excellence and the social, economic and ecological principles of sustainability.


  • Heavy Metals Laboratory

    Heavy Metals Laboratory

    The Heavy Metals Lab (HML) is intended to address the remediation of the Derwent River riverbed, which contains years of industrial runoff an dhas become highly contaminated as a result.

  • Claremont Project

    Claremont Project

    A small but intense extension to a 1960's salmon brick and limestone bungalow in Claremont with experiential and spacial qualities being fundamental to the project's play with section.

  • Fremantle Project

    Fremantle Project

    At one third the size of the average Australian house, the Fremantle house draws on lessons from tradition and history and prepels this thinking in a forward direction.