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  • Millers Point Historic Precinct

    Millers Point Historic Precinct

    Nestled next to the historic precinct, The Rocks, Millers Point is home to many of the early residences of Sydney. For over 15 years Tropman & Tropman Architects have been instrumental in conserving t

  • Outdoor Sculpture Gallery

    Outdoor Sculpture Gallery

    The Walsh Bay Sculpture Gallery is located throughout the parks, piers and promenades of the 10 hectre industrial wharf complex at Walsh Bay. Tropman & Tropman were commissioned to provide architectur

  • Al Hamra Palace

    Al Hamra Palace

    Al Hamra Palace was constructed in 1947 for the King's son, Crown Prince Saud. The palace is situated in Riyadh and is a romantic 20th century design known as "The Red Palace". Tropman & Tropman were

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