Vibe Design Group

Vibe Design Group is a multi-award winning practice with a passion for design and a focus on excellence. We look beyond conventional thinking to forge a new way of living for tomorrow with buildings that capitalise on the external environment, while optimising a sense of privacy. We specialise in residential and commercial design solutions.


  • Moat's Corner

    Moat's Corner

    Moat’s Corner draws on an inspired vision and a commitment to an established setting. Refined to a point of tranquil precision, forming an interactive haven, with which to experience the life and ener

  • Natural Style Home

    Natural Style Home

    Interior design inspired by nature: flexibility, functionality and form unite in this superb family residence in Victoria’s rugged Mornington Peninsula.

  • Kelso


    Vibe Design Group’s Kelso project is a family home nestled amongst a heritage area within a wider industrial and commercial setting. The site is in proximity to the iconic Nylex clock near Richmond, M

  • Kew House 3

    Kew House 3

    The clients came to our office with the intention of moving into property development. We found common ground in the fact that they were focused on presenting projects with high design content that su

  • Pembroke House

    Pembroke House

    A private beach house in Portsea by Vibe Design Group, designed to take in all of its surrounds – from passing ships in the distant bay views, to its immediate rural setting. The glass ends to the poo

  • Morell House

    Morell House

    Morell House is the latest home on the Mornington Peninsula from Vibe Design Group. An exercise in form and volume, this building offers something special from every angle. Stepped, interconnected box

  • Sorrento House 1

    Sorrento House 1

    Sorrento House 1 by Vibe Design Group, on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, is the Australian Beach house reborn. A well-honed palette of materials is introduced, their application modulated masterful

  • Hayes Road

    Hayes Road

    Hayes Road began with a simple, universal brief. A young family needed a home that would facilitate a modern and open way of living. Vibe’s response is an unerring, efficient design scheme, and a beau

  • Shearwater


    One Shearwater Drive, a luxurious modern coastal home, sits comfortably into it’s lookout in Mt Martha on the Mornington Peninsula. Vibe considered all aspects of the site in designing the landscape a

  • Grange


    The barcode-like street façade on the "Grange" project is an abstraction of the view through a picket fence. The Canterbury area is populated with a mix of heritage-style homes, and the timber picket