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  • Susan Dugdale & Associates

    Susan Dugdale & Associates

    Susan Dugdale and Associates is an architectural practice located in Alice Springs in central Australia. Since establishing in 2000 it has created a reputation for innovative and exciting work, with a

  • PKSB Architects

    PKSB Architects

    While PKSB’s practice has evolved since its first years as Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg, a commitment to architecture that blends artistry, craft, and pragmatism has always defined its work. The

  • MEIS Architects

    MEIS Architects

    MEIS Architects are widely recognized as one of the profession's most innovative practices. MEIS is comprised of hyper-creative and talented individuals focused on the design of the spectator experien

  • Montalba Architects

    Montalba Architects

    Montalba Architects creates award-winning designs globally. Each design has a humanistic approach with careful consideration of its respective surrounding context. Established in 2004, Montalba Archit

  • Werner Sobek - Engineering & Design

    Werner Sobek - Engineering & Design

    Werner Sobek is defined by its premium design on the basis of high-class engineering combined with sophisticated environmentally friendly technologies. Particular emphasis is placed on lightweight str

  • Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc.

    Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc.

    Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc. was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1962 by a group of seven designers with varied interests and backgrounds who believed their collaborative efforts would be

  • Dewberry


    Imagine a professional services firm with vision beyond "the ordinary." A firm with deep subject-matter expertise as well as deep national resources. A firm committed to putting clients at the center

  • Heery


    Heery has a unique culture that we define as The Heery Way. While it is certainly a part of each project that we've completed it is experienced through working alongside our professionals, in design m



    Jaws Architects, one of Tasmania's most dynamic and enterprising team of architects and designers, have evolved from the architectural practice founded by Harry Hope in the 1930s. The practice encoura

  • BAR Architects

    BAR Architects

    BAR Architects strive to create places that inspire and that stand the test of time while meeting each client's unique needs. Our work inspires design to deliver a special feeling each time one enters

  • Dattner Architects

    Dattner Architects

    Based in New York, Dattner Architects specialises in social infrastructure. Through planning and design of public and private projects, they continue to help shape and rejuvenate neighbourhoods.

  • Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

    Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

    Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design is an award-winning interior design firm in Los Angeles. We specialize in creating high style interiors, combining opulence with artful living for a discerning