Residential projects

  • Kitchen Acrylic Splashbacks - Designers own home

    Kitchen Acrylic Splashbacks - Designers own home

    Designers own home - brand new kitchen with our custom colour acrylic splashbacks. Our client selected a custom white colour for their kitchen splasbhacks. These luxury acrylic splashbacks were suppli



    Apprised of the builder’s reputation for quality, 47 Hood Street’s new owners were not surprised by its finish but they were thrilled by its completion: a whopping one and a half months ahead of the g

  • The Beach Shack

    The Beach Shack

    Situated in the quiet township of Hawley Beach this minimalist home explores shack living in a modern way. The opposing skillion rooves clad in colorbond custom orb fold to form the 'book end' type r

  • Mullum Creek House

    Mullum Creek House

    Mullum Creek is a new residential sub-division of an old orchard east of Melbourne in Donvale. The development sits beside Mullum Creek and has a strong environmental focus with all houses having to r

  • House Under Eaves

    House Under Eaves

    Under the Shelter of a Shadow Located in a new subdivision less than an hour from Auckland this new house was one of the first built on a flat site that has been split up to create well sized semi-su

  • Moat's Corner

    Moat's Corner

    Moat’s Corner draws on an inspired vision and a commitment to an established setting. Refined to a point of tranquil precision, forming an interactive haven, with which to experience the life and ener

  • Columbia Square

    Columbia Square

    A decade after CBS abandoned its 4.7-acre site, Columbia Square leads Hollywood’s revitalization on Sunset Boulevard. The buildings feature a 22-story residential tower with 200 apartments, 33,000 sq

  • Bridge House

    Bridge House

    Bridge House is set to be a creative marvel at Hancock Park in Los Angeles.The 4,500 square foot residence will stretch 210 feet across a stream, giving the design its name. EZ Concept are honored to

  • External Louvres

    External Louvres

    Reduce glare and solar heat with European styled and manufactured aluminium external louvres. The fully retractable metal louvres function and tilt like Venetian Blinds, providing the very best in sh

  • St Kilda Extension

    St Kilda Extension

    Located in St-Kilda, one of Melbourne’s most rapidly evolving suburbs, the St Kilda Extension is a modern addition which celebrates the home’s traditional beauty whilst creating a tranquil retreat. E

  • Shoreham Post Office and mixed use development

    Shoreham Post Office and mixed use development

    ASKIN were contracted to provide external walls and roofing as part of the redevelopment of the old Shoreham Post Office site. The plan included construction of 4 apartments as a second storey & 3 sho

  • Kitchen Splashbacsk Purple Metallic

    Kitchen Splashbacsk Purple Metallic

    Custom metallic purple acrylic splashbacks were specified by the clients for this residential kitchen project. These acrylic splashbacks were supplied cut to size and shape for efficient and cost effe