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Ultimate floors successfully combine breadth of experience, depth of knowledge and a genuine desire to be exceptional in everything we do. We are committed and able to deliver a level of education and service unseen in most Concrete Polishing contracting businesses… Here you will find a snippet on our background, what makes our approach different, and what we stand for. Ultimate Floors has been at the forefront of mechanical concrete polishing and highly regarded for controlling quality and consistency. Don’t be fooled by our small team approach, we punch way above our size and have been reconised as a leading innovator within the concrete flooring polishing Industry in Queensland.. With thirty plus year’s in house experience across a range flooring industries including extensive large commercial projects across Queensland flows on to our proactive approach. For a very high level of skill, broad knowledge base and workmanship exceeding industry standards, there is a lot on offer when engaging with us! Starting at the all important floor preparation to designer concrete flooring… you can consider our concrete flooring services your one stop. If it is not an area of our specialised skills, we will say so and even suggest an industry peer that may be of further help. Knowing what can be achieved and how to accomplish that task, doesn’t come by learning from a Google search… that is fact. Understanding the relevant Australian Standard is one thing, implementing those minimal requirements is a must where return on investment and quality assurance just makes sense. We all look for value, but is it worth selecting on a dollar figure while not understanding what is being provided… so buyer be ware! A few points we’ll clear up, if it’s a quick fix, Ultimate Floors probably is not the contractor for you… we do not price match… do not cut corners or standards. However, if open communication, top notch workmanship, detailed quotes that others copy noting proposed methods and any relevant standards is more you, perfect!. Our Approach Understand your desired outcome and quantify validity Site inspect / works evaluation Multiple quote estimates may attract fee’s Build custom floor plan or takeoff from PDF plans provided Recommend procedures based around practical suitability Site mock ups where applicable when engaged for the said works Uphold Australian Standards and manufacturers minimum recommendations Self QA through moisture and PH tests, coating thickness, MPC gloss sheen measurement Our crew is small for quality control measures though big on getting the job done We want you to be part of the journey and think you’ll be surprised working with a premier concrete flooring contractor.

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