A newly awarded Landmark In the heart of Sunshine: Brimbank Council and Civic Centre by CSP Architectural

Comments CSP Architectural 12-10-2017

The new Brimbank Council and Civic Centre is a design beacon situated in the heart of Sunshine.  The brief behind this landmark was to boost the community capital and rebrand the western region as well as cater all the community needs.

The Brimbank Council and Civic Centre is situated in the middle of a very colourful and highly diverse community and perfectly represents Sunshine’s physical and social history and culture.

“The Brimbank community and civic centre was designed to offer the community a one stop-shop that would meet their needs and remind them of the rich heritage of the place in which it was located...”

The saw-tooth design profile of the building is inspired by the Sunshine Harvester factory that was located on that site.

The bold colours of the Alpolic panels further accentuate on the revitalisation of the Sunshine town centre simultaneously connecting to the local heritage. 

“The gleaming, gloriously colourful and deftly composed library and council hub...is the biggest show in town. “

Furthermore, the landmark of the Western region is designed to achieve a 5-Star Green Star rating, hence setting the benchmark for sustainable planning.

Recently recognised for its architectural excellence, the Brimbank Community and Civic centre designed by Lyons Architects received the Architecture Awards for public Architecture and is now in line to compete in the National Architecture Awards.

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