EZ Concept

For many years, architects, interior designers and developers have been trying to produce a contemporary flush finish door jamb with clean lines and inconspicuous detail. Ez Concept does just that. With an innovative line of products, EZ Concept are here to help you achieve the modern contemporary design you are looking for. Our range of products are created to be a solution for our customers interior design dreams of having a contemporary look and feel to their new home, office space, etc.

EZ Concept Library

  • EZ Concept Openings and Finishings

    EZ Concept Openings and Finishings

    Architectural Finishing Systems | A Studco Innovation.

  • EZ Concept Architectural Finishings

    EZ Concept Architectural Finishings

    EZ Concept Architectural Finishing Systems is a complete solution for achieving the ultimate ‘clean line’ interior finnish for modern buildings.

  • EZYJamb Wins Prestigious Industry Design Award

    EZYJamb Wins Prestigious Industry Design Award

    EZYJamb walks away with a WIN at the US 2015 Architectural Record Magazine Awards Each year, the highly regarded architecture and design publication acknowledges the market's most promising and bea

  • EZYJamb used in Avenue Apartments

    EZYJamb used in Avenue Apartments

    As Australia’s apartment building boom continues along its unprecedented climb, EZYJamb increases to become the door jamb of choice for apartments because of its simplicity and looks. EZYJamb insta

  • Alubase


    Contemporary, robust skirting for simple modern clean line appearance.

  • Rocyork


    The combination of premium quality door furniture and contemporary interior styling is defined in Rocyork, the accredited supplier of authentic door hardware for the EZYJamb system.

  • Cavkit


    Cavkit can be used to transform standard cavity sliders into architrave free, flush finish cavity sliders

  • SlideSet


    Studco Building Systems offers the SlideSet Flush Finish Cavity Sliding System with Head Jamb or Full Height Detail. The full height detail is designed to allow the underside of the track to be flush

  • FastCap


    Custom finishing and capping of plasterboard is made easy with FastCaps®

  • EZYPelmet


    EZYPelmet® is a two piece, pre-finished cold-rolled steel section which provides a fast, economical and prestigious solution for creating recessed window pelmets in plasterboard ceilings. It provides

  • EZYReveal


    EZYReveal® provides a strong and durable surface for window trims and the ideal clean lines and flush finish look around window and door openings.

  • EZYCap


    The strong and versatile alternative for stop ends