UltraMgO™ Partition: No rain damage. No cracking. No mould. The smarter, more cost-effective PartyWall solution. by Fireproof Cladding Facades

Comments Fireproof Cladding Facades 27-09-2017

The next generation of PartyWall system.

UltraMgO™-Partition is the virtually indestructible advance over gypsum based PartyWall systems.  UltraMgO™-Partition is a second-generation Magnesium Oxide board (Chloride-free) which is fully BCA fire and acoustically compliant. 



UltraMgO™ is the next generation Magnesium Oxide construction board.

Between damage during handling, excessive flexing during installation, and overall susceptibility to water damage, all of which can jeopardise your fire and acoustic rating, gypsum based PartyWall systems often cost you far more than the initial purchase price.

UltraMgO™-Partition is impervious to water, is flexible, fireproof, acoustically rated and with its 10 Mpa strength, won’t be damaged through on-site handling and installation. UltraMgO™-Partition can be installed rapidly with H and C channels on standard pine timber frames and 10mm non-fire rated plasterboard inside the tenancy. 

Download the UltraMgO™ Partition Quickstart Guide 



  • Rapid installation – H & C channel fittings. No screws, and no caulking required.
  • Lightweight and virtually indestructible. No cracking during installation. Impervious to water.
  • Each shipment batch tested in Australia by a NATA certified laboratory. Peace of mind with full quality control.
  • Meets all BCA requirements for fire and acoustic ratings. 


Download the UltraMgO™ Partition Quickstart Guide 


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