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Gripset Industries is an Australian owned company developing and manufacturing waterproofing products for over 30 years. Established in the early 1980's, Gripset has never manufactured solvent or hazardous products, and is a pioneer in green friendly technology – trend which continues to establish their brand as a clear market leader to this day. The evolution from this unique technology has led to Gripset developing high quality waterproofing systems for wet areas, weather-exposed surfaces, subterranean structures, and continuously immersed areas, including potable water systems and protective pavement solutions. Recently, Gripset launched the Gripset GC system which is an evolution in waterproofing technology and the embodiment of Gripset’s vision for high quality, innovative and cost effective solutions, based on solvent-free technology Gripset Industries will continue its commitment and dedicated focus on R&D to provide the market with further innovative and sustainable solutions for the built environment. By simplifying many of the challenges in volatile areas, Gripset are confident they can provide a complete system to ensure your next waterproofing or pavement project is Sealed for Good.


  • Modern Constrution Techniques

    Modern Constrution Techniques

    Modular construction is a revolutionary process where major components of a build are manufactured offsite then delivered and installed. The process is reliant on tight workflow efficiencies due to th

  • Bay Junction Shopping Centre, Glenelg

    Bay Junction Shopping Centre, Glenelg

    Large scale waterproofing system. Gripset’s waterproofing range solve complex project issues. A unique architecturally designed shopping centre at the iconic Glenelg precinct had to maximise tenancy s

  • City of Dreams Casino, Macau

    City of Dreams Casino, Macau

    Zero maintenance required. Gripset’s waterproof system delivers ‘bullet-proof’ protection. One of the jewels in the Melco Group, the City of Dreams Casino in Macau was designed to be a state of the ar

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