JSB Lighting

Supplier of Commerical lighting. Superior performance and architecturally orientated.


  • MSD


    MSD, one of the world’s leading providers of pharmaceuticals were eager to create a new environment that aligned with core values of knowledge, leadership, innovation and integrity. The move to their

  • Walt & Burley

    Walt & Burley

    Influenced by the variant weather of Canberra, Luchetti Krelle aimed to do a playful and exciting take on the more clean cut restaurants for Walt & Burley on the lakeside of Kingston Foreshore.

  • Simpson Offices

    Simpson Offices

    A multistorey office building arranged around a central communal courtyard and infused with materiality.

  • ADOBE Sydney HQ

    ADOBE Sydney HQ

    Fitout that embodies creativity for the Adobe Sydney Headquarters.

  • Garangula Gallery

    Garangula Gallery

    Successfully marrying the introspection of experiencing art with the energy of large social gatherings, Garangula Gallery houses an extensive private collection of Aboriginal art, while also catering