New Age Veneers

Established in 1984, New Age Verneers was born from a desire to deliver the first high quality, environmentally responsible reconstructed veneer to the Australian interior design market. An Australian company, New Age Verneers specialise in supplying the highest quality reconstructed timber veneers, pre-finished veneers as well as an extensive range of alternative decorative panels. The New Age Verneers product range is suitable for both interior and residential projects, offering an extensive range of sustainable designs, colours and finishes to complement any interior design style. Working with local and international manufacturers, New Age Verneers are leading the pack in global decorative surface technologies, and are proud to represent residential and commercial architects, interior designers, joiners and builders throughout Australia.

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If you’re looking for a way to create a real point of difference in a residential or commercial space, look no further than Navform wall paneling systems.

  • NAV Product Overview

    NAV Product Overview

    New Age Veneers (NAV) is an Australian owned and operated company, specialising in the supply of timber veneers and premium decorative surfaces for residential and commercial interiors. For over 30 ye