New Age Veneers

Established in 1984, New Age Verneers was born from a desire to deliver the first high quality, environmentally responsible reconstructed veneer to the Australian interior design market. An Australian company, New Age Verneers specialise in supplying the highest quality reconstructed timber veneers, pre-finished veneers as well as an extensive range of alternative decorative panels. The New Age Verneers product range is suitable for both interior and residential projects, offering an extensive range of sustainable designs, colours and finishes to complement any interior design style. Working with local and international manufacturers, New Age Verneers are leading the pack in global decorative surface technologies, and are proud to represent residential and commercial architects, interior designers, joiners and builders throughout Australia.

Navurban - Library Files

Modern contemporary decorative surface that delivers the highest standards in environmental performance, functionality and resilience.

  • DET Frankston

    DET Frankston

    This recently completed project at the Department of Education & Training Victoria | Frankston features our Navurban™ Fremantle decor on Black MDF to create a stunning finish. Navurban™ is a cost-effe

  • Bentleigh East Residence

    Bentleigh East Residence

    A beautiful design featuring New Age Veneers Navurban Ravenswood, an immensely popular decor choice in our range.

  • Peddle Thorp - Brisbane Office

    Peddle Thorp - Brisbane Office

    Our stunning Navurban™ Sherwood was used in the recent upgrade of Peddle Thorp's Brisbane Office.

  • Mona Vale | Residence 2

    Mona Vale | Residence 2

    Navurban™ Hamilton | This stunning kitchen is part of the Mona Vale project by Bates Smart. Navurban™ is an amazing, cost-effective product that is perfect for small joinery designs to large surface a

  • Mona Vale | Residence 1

    Mona Vale | Residence 1

    The soft and warm feel of our Navurban™ Toorak decor combined with the bright white walls creates a relaxing atmosphere. This kitchen was designed by Bates Smart and was installed by Joinery Group.

  • Christmont Winery

    Christmont Winery

    Winner of the National Building Design of the Year - MG Design & Building. Located in the King Valley, Victoria.

  • Glenelg Primary School

    Glenelg Primary School

    A spectacular design by Detail Studio, using Navurban Fremantle on Navcore 50mm lightweight Blockboard.

  • Prahran house

    Prahran house

    A beautiful house by Melbourne Contemporary Kitchens, featuring Navurban Airlie Beach.

  • Residence by Roomfour

    Residence by Roomfour

    Kitchen | Use of Navurban™ Toorak - panty, bulkhead, drawers & cupboards.

  • Parker Residence

    Parker Residence

    This residential project features Navurban Hazelwood, Ashwood and Earlwood. These three colours have been used together to create a beautiful home, bringing a warm feel to the living area and kitchen

  • The Vincent

    The Vincent

    Congratulations to Austurban Homes for this outstanding display home. The main bedroom uses ‪#‎Navurban‬ Tablelands This product will look stunning wherever you decide to use it, highly suitable for

  • ACU Health Institute

    ACU Health Institute

    Byron Blackbutt pressed on black MDF substrate with routed features.