Five At Heart

The push of the pedal against the foot, fresh towels every single day, a safe place to park, and arriving to work rejuvenated - these are a few of our favourite things. At Five At Heart, we aim to change how people move by creating the best bike parking and change room joinery the world over. Our products are designed by riders for riders, making cycling to work a flawless experience. Whether it’s commercial bike parking, office lockers or full-service change rooms, our goal is to make it easier for everyone to get on their bike and feel Five At Heart again.


  • 477 Pitt Street

    477 Pitt Street

    At 477 Pitt Street, Five At Heart redesigned the bike room to fit in with extensive services and structural beams whilst maintaining required project numbers. The space knows an unique aesthetic withi

  • 50 Lonsdale Street

    50 Lonsdale Street

    At 50 Lonsdale Street, Five At Heart transformed 10 car bays into a spacious and functional bike room. This transformation happened without any loss of facility capacity or function, and added a minim

  • RMIT Building 51

    RMIT Building 51

    This is the largest university end-of-trip facility in Australia, providing an amazing alternative to public transport for students. The street-level bike hub in Melbourne CBD showcases how cycling fa

  • Barangaroo


    At Barangaroo, we reconfigured the bicycle parking space to deliver the required capacities within a reduced footprint, and at a lower cost to the project. This projects also included a specification

  • Melbourne Central

    Melbourne Central

    At Melbourne Central, Five At Heart delivered a facility that has proven to be well subscribed and catering well for the multiple tenancies, all within project budget. The space includes multiple type

  • One One One Eagle Street

    One One One Eagle Street

    One One One Eagle Street now knows the end of trip facility it deserves. The facility includes different types of bike racks, several multifunction and consultation rooms, and has beautiful finishing.