Five At Heart

Five At Heart are making the end of trip experience as smooth as the cyclists ride. Around the globe, bicycles and active transport are changing the way cities work. The built environment is evolving to accommodate the shifting needs of society with bicycle infrastructure, bicycle parking and change room facilities. Five At Heart are at the forefront to meet these needs. Thanks to years of specialist experience and being cyclists ourselves, Five At Heart serve as the industry leaders on all things bike-related. Five At Heart offer design consultations, modern bicycle racks, secure storage and convenience services such as fresh towels. For you, that means one call for the best design, products and services available.


  • Bike Pump

    Bike Pump

    A fixed electric or manual tyre pump with pressure gauge is a great addition to the Bike Maintenance Station. Design features include: – Integrated pressure gauge ensures accurate inflation pressure

  • Bike Maintenance Station

    Bike Maintenance Station

    The bicycle maintenance station is a robust work stand with integrated tools for minor adjustments and repair. Features include: – Tool assemblies are spaced to prevent tangling – Optimised ergono

  • Airing Station

    Airing Station

    After a hot summer’s commute, the Airing Station will be a God-send. These stations let EOT users hang their active gear in a dedicated space, keeping the facility tidy, functional and smelling fresh.

  • Fresh Locker Station

    Fresh Locker Station

    A backpack full of dirty laundry makes a healthy commute not so fun. That’s why we’ve created Fresh Locker Stations – a secure laundry and dry cleaning facility that provides active types with a simpl

  • Towel Station

    Towel Station

    Wet towels in lockers. No thanks! That’s why towel services in end-of-trip facilities are a must-have. This unit’s slim design integrates seamlessly with any change room, keeping it tidy and smelling

  • Pandora Locker

    Pandora Locker

    With hidden nooks and smart cranny’s. There’s never been a locker like it. So what’s in Pandora’s box? This patented 300mm wide, 500mm deep box locker contains far more than meets the eye. Full length

  • Maximus II Locker

    Maximus II Locker

    Want max space for your gear? This patented 300mm wide, 600mm deep box locker has a generous hanging height and includes integrated bench seating with shoe storage. It’s special feature is the recessi

  • Maximus I Locker

    Maximus I Locker

    Want max space for your gear? This 300mm wide box locker has a generous hanging height and includes integrated bench seating and shoe storage. Its special feature is the recessing of the lower locker

  • Pushbike Container

    Pushbike Container

    The Pushbike Container is a secure bike parking facility made from retrofitted shipping containers. Design features include: – Combination of floor to ceiling glass panels – Composite panel cladding

  • Pushbike Cage

    Pushbike Cage

    Bring your bicycle cage project to life with our alternative cladding style. Design features include: - Aesthetically pleasing stained hardwood timber - Galvanized or custom colored mild steel frame

  • Penny Farthing Rack

    Penny Farthing Rack

    The Penny Farthing rack isn’t just bike parking, it’s a piece of public art. Add value to your streetscape and help improve bicycle culture in your city.