Five At Heart

At Five At Heart, we are making the end of trip experience as smooth as the cyclists ride. Around the globe, bicycles and active transport are changing the way cities work. The built environment is evolving to accommodate the shifting needs of society with bicycle infrastructure, bicycle parking and change room facilities. We are at the forefront to meet these needs. Thanks to years of specialist experience and being cyclists ourselves, Five At Heart serves as the industry leader on all things bike-related. We offer design consultations, modern bicycle racks, secure storage and convenience services such as fresh towels. For you, that means one call for the best design, products and services available.


  • Ironing Station

    Ironing Station

    Ever tried to get a shirt from A to B, without creasing it? Impossible. This is even a bigger challenge when you’re on a bike, carrying around your shirt in a little backpack. The ironing station solv

  • Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden

    The first ironing station specifically designed for the needs of commercial change rooms. Accessibility to left and right handed users, easily replaceable consumable parts and additional storage space

  • Seymour


    Our Seymour steamer is a premium user experience that’s more effective than ironing. The unit is mechanically ventilated with quality components and a compact laminate finish. On the finer detail, the

  • Executive Locker

    Executive Locker

    The executive locker is designed to hold everything a user needs for a week of work: clothes, shoes and even your own dry cleaning bag. This is the most premium locker on the market.

  • Flexible Locker

    Flexible Locker

    More and more people are opting for the convenience of a folding bike. This locker is built to fit these bikes, and is spacious enough to store other personal gear.

  • Tetrus


    A different way to look at space: Tetrus is an intricately arranged full sized locker system, with generous 250mm wide and 1m high storage spaces, and a separate nook for shoes or valuables.

  • Mustafa


    A high-end change room addition that really ties a space together, but without the hassle of custom joinery. Functional as well as beautiful, the Mustafa bench houses integrated shoe or bag storage in

  • Harrison


    The angled blades and minimal fixings of the Harrison fence create an architectural feel to transform any space.

  • Sliding Cradle

    Sliding Cradle

    Gold standard bike parking taken to the next level: The Sliding Cradle frame allows the vertical parker to move laterally, thanks to our patented sliding roller, creating a higher parking capacity.

  • Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet

    The Silver Bullet frame recesses two rows of Cradles into a space saving design like no other. It’s the most seamless way to put bike parking into the middle of a room.

  • Wishbone


    Our newest horizontal rack doesn’t just make spaces more beautiful. It uses an elevated seat rest so each bike self-positions effortlessly, while hard-wearing leather protects against knocks. It’s a g

  • Coffee Cup

    Coffee Cup

    This slightly unusual bike rack is a little piece of public art, giving that extra touch of “fun” to parking around bike-friendly cafes.