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Five At Heart are making the end of trip experience as smooth as the cyclists ride. Around the globe, bicycles and active transport are changing the way cities work. The built environment is evolving to accommodate the shifting needs of society with bicycle infrastructure, bicycle parking and change room facilities. Five At Heart are at the forefront to meet these needs. Thanks to years of specialist experience and being cyclists ourselves, Five At Heart serve as the industry leaders on all things bike-related. Five At Heart offer design consultations, modern bicycle racks, secure storage and convenience services such as fresh towels. For you, that means one call for the best design, products and services available.

Fresh Locker Station - Library Files

A backpack full of dirty laundry makes a healthy commute not so fun. That’s why we’ve created Fresh Locker Stations – a secure laundry and dry cleaning facility that provides active types with a simple collection service.

  • 10 Eagle Street, Brisbane

    10 Eagle Street, Brisbane

    - Provided split level facilities with designated areas for permanent and casual users - Use of the sliding cavity partitions in the wet area for shower capacities to be shifted to deliver flexibility

  • 8 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

    8 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

    - Expanded the bike room capacity without changing the footprint - Utilised dead space on the ground floor to create an elegant shower & change room for tenants without reallocating space.

  • 2 Southbank Boulevard, Melbourne

    2 Southbank Boulevard, Melbourne

    - Merged four change areas into two, gaining increased capacity & improved generosity - Minimised carpark loss through a combination of vertical & horizontal parking.

  • 400 George Street, Sydney

    400 George Street, Sydney

    - Reduced service construction costs via the centralisation of showers and toilets - Accommodated for shifts in male: female demand via the provision of flexible shower wall and common locker capaciti

  • Riverside Centre, Brisbane

    Riverside Centre, Brisbane

    - Achieved required bike parking capacities via the use of vertical and double tiered parking systems, reducing the per unit cost - Identified that an existing Person with Disability facility could be

  • 15 William Street, Melbourne

    15 William Street, Melbourne

    - Delivered additional 35 sqm of change area space by increased design efficiency within the bike parking area - Provided a solution in collaboration with project architects an adaptable design that c

  • CBW, 181 William Street, Melbourne

    CBW, 181 William Street, Melbourne

    - State of the art facility incorporating a bike space, change rooms, foyer and multi purpose room - Utilised a variety of racks to achieve quantities, including the dynamic double tier to increase ca

  • PFL Fresh Locker Station

    PFL Fresh Locker Station

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