Five At Heart

The push of the pedal against the foot, fresh towels every single day, a safe place to park, and arriving to work rejuvenated - these are a few of our favourite things. At Five At Heart, we aim to change how people move by creating the best bike parking and change room joinery the world over. Our products are designed by riders for riders, making cycling to work a flawless experience. Whether it’s commercial bike parking, office lockers or full-service change rooms, our goal is to make it easier for everyone to get on their bike and feel Five At Heart again.

Seymour - Library Files

Our Seymour steamer is a premium user experience that’s more effective than ironing. The unit is mechanically ventilated with quality components and a compact laminate finish. On the finer detail, the unit is also lockable and all parts are easy to replace without professional trade installation.