Introducing Plaster Rail from Picture Hanging Systems by Picture Hanging Systems

Comments Picture Hanging Systems 30-11-2017

For classic, minimalist-inspired design, you can’t go past the plaster rail from Picture Hanging Systems.  The rail itself is installed into the wall at the same time as the plasterboard, then plastered over during the building process. 



Like a hidden secret of the decorating world, the rail allows the artwork itself to be the focus, rather than the hangers.



The finished installation leaves a 5mm gap, where nylon or steel hangers can be inserted anywhere along the rail.  Picture Hanging Systems director Luke Norman said the best feature of the plaster rail was that it helped people plan ahead.

“Normally, picture hanging is the last thing people think of,” he said.  “We find that with this system, it’s often recommended by a builder or architect who has used it before, and people are then able to plan their picture hanging much earlier.

“It’s the most discreet picture rail there is. And it allows people to change their displays very easily; you can add to it, as with a family wall and it’s hardly noticeable.”


Picture Hanging Systems Has been hanging art and mirrors, memories and dreams creatively since 2005. It is our passion to help you realise the full potential of your vision with the practical experience and knowledge that we bring.

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Heidi Hastow 2017-12-06

Whats the maximum weight it can hold? & also can it be secured easily onto Brick or just plasterboard?