Platform Lift Company

We offer a range of AS1735, DDA and BCA compliant disabled access lifts. Our products are suitable for residential and commercial projects and designed for internal or external usage.

Platform Lift Company Library

  • Ceiling Track & Mobile Track

    Ceiling Track & Mobile Track

    Our ceiling track system solves different types of access to the water, whenever there are narrow spaces to serve. Any solution is customised specifically to your site. There are 3 types of track lift

  • F145 Pool Lifting Hoist

    F145 Pool Lifting Hoist

    The F145 model lift has a light and thin frame and allows access to any type of walled pool. The F145B is the short version of this model and it is to be used in ground deck pools of any kind, docks o

  • F130 Lifting Hoist

    F130 Lifting Hoist

    The F130 model is a fixed lift and recommended for whirlpools and walled pools in therapeutic centers. Thanks to its rotating arm which is 1400 mm long, it is ideal for narrow spaces where the wall pl

  • F100M Lifting Hoist

    F100M Lifting Hoist

    Our F100M model enables the automatic lifting, lowering and turning of the seat by means of a powered rotating device to be operated by a handset. It is the ideal solution for any kind of walled pools

  • F100 Lifting Hoist

    F100 Lifting Hoist

    The F100 Lifting Hoist enables access to the water of the most common walled pools. It has a solid frame and a rotating arm and is customised according to the pool specifications .

  • Blu One Portable Pool Lift

    Blu One Portable Pool Lift

    The Blu One is an innovative, fast, safe and comfortable device to transport persons with limited motor capabilities. It does not need any fixing to the ground and it is easy to use. The person sits o

  • Panda Pool Lift

    Panda Pool Lift

    The latest product created by DiGi Project: it is innovative in its features thanks to the control helm with automatic traction this requires little effort from the operator. Improved autonomy and cap

  • Goods Lifts

    Goods Lifts

    The Goods Lift Company provides a range of service lifts, goods lifts, goods hoists and car parking solutions for vertical transportation in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, offices and homes. Goods li

  • Poolpod Lift

    Poolpod Lift

    The Poolpod platform provides a quick and simple means of swimming pool access. Poolpod can be retrofitted to existing pools and has also become the natural choice for state of the art pools such as t

  • Platform Lift Product Overview Brochure

    Platform Lift Product Overview Brochure

    An overview of the products we provide.

  • Pool Lift Brochure

    Pool Lift Brochure

    Providing a dignified access solution.

  • Brisbane's Eagle Street Pier Project

    Brisbane's Eagle Street Pier Project

    [featimage align="center"] Platform Lift Company has supplied and installed a state of the art 4M hydraulic platform lift to service several award-winning restaurants at Brisbane’s Eagle Street Pier,