Saniflo is the global leader in grey water and macerator pumps. We will help you access the sewer in any commercial or domestic application. A Saniflo system makes a bathroom addition easy, by reducing plumbing work. For over 50 years, Saniflo have sought to make the installation of bathroom fixtures, laundry rooms and kitchens easier, and are synonymous with quality and technical expertise. Saniflo R&D and engineers are constantly innovating high-tech products that conform rigidly to environmental and technological standards. Living by their inherent values toward innovation, industrial efficiency, and customer service, the team at Saniflo have committed themselves to installation excellence, removing the hassle of relocating existing sewer pipes and undertaking costly plumbing work. Saniflo – improve the flow of your home.


  • End of Trip Facility, Melbourne

    End of Trip Facility, Melbourne

    The Monash Conference Centre located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, is one of the city's best locations for meetings, conferences, seminars and training sessions. The centre features award-winning f

  • Kitchen relocation

    Kitchen relocation

    Relocating a kitchen in a heritage listed building poses several challenges. The heritage regulation specified that the original plumbing could not be relocated nor extended, hence, there was no way f

  • Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre, Sydney

    Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre, Sydney

    Creating a childcare centre in a multistorey office building where there is no easy access to sewerage and where there are tenancies below presents many challenges. How can an early learning centre in

  • Dental Clinic, Sydney

    Dental Clinic, Sydney

    When creating a new dental clinic in an existing office/retail space, there is often not adequate drainage access. Most of the time, there are restrictions to how many core holes a new business can pl

Saniflo Library

  • Grey Water Pumps

    Grey Water Pumps

    Small-bore grey water pumps suitable for pumping waste from kitchen sinks, laundry, bath, shower and commercial applications – office kitchen, cafes and restaurant.

  • Saniflo Products

    Saniflo Products

    Saniflo has made it possible for anyone to easily install and add new bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens anywhere and without major work. Our innovative plumbing solutions can be applied in commerc

  • Saniflo Product Guide

    Saniflo Product Guide

    This catalogue houses information about our all products and selected case study articles.