ArmourFlex Plays Vital Role in Hillary’s Hut Restoration by Selleys

Comments Selleys 31-08-2017

The Antarctic Heritage Trust has recently finished their restoration of Hilary’s Hut. Hillary’s Hut was constructed by Sir Edmond Hillary back in 1957, as a part of the first Trans Antarctic expedition and has since then, been weathered by almost 60 winters. A major part of the restoration involved making the Hut weather tight, as leaks over the years have caused significant damage to the building itself and artefacts contained inside.


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One product donated that played a vital role in the restoration was Selleys® ArmourFlex, a high-performance sealant powered by the new Sil-X™ Advanced Polymer Technology. Sil-X™ Technology gives ArmourFlex its superior performance in durability, strength and flexibility which made it ideal for the extreme environment and weather conditions, enabling it to be gunned out in below zero temperatures.

Thanks to the hard work of the Antarctic Heritage Trust and advanced technologies, the Hut is now in good stead to remain an important part of history and to withstand many more years in such an iconic, challenging location.


Image: © Antarctic Heritage Trust, 


About Selleys® ArmourFlex

Selleys® ArmourFlex is a high performance sealant that is powered with Selleys® new Sil-X Advanced Polymer technology. It is a strong adhesive sealant which is more flexible than conventional polyurethane adhesives/sealants. ArmourFlex has superior strength and instant grab with excellent trafficable resistance, requires no primer, cures fast and adheres to wet surfaces. ArmourFlex is also paintable with low VOC.

Selleys® ArmourFlex adheres to most substrates, including concrete, brick, timber, plaster, metals, ceramic tiles and fibre glass, and comes in clear, grey, white and black.


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