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Surface Squared is a privately owned Australian business with offices in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. Surface Squared specialises in sourcing decorative surface and substrate materials from the best manufactures in the world, including ABET Laminati and Holz in Form. Whether you are an Architect, Interior Designer, Builder, Cabinet Maker or managing a building project Surface Squared are here to assist with your ideas and execution. Keenly working from design concepts through to the realities of the building process, Surface Squared's product knowledge is imperative in turning ideas into a reality. Surface Squared's approach is knowledge led. Surface Squared are continually challenging the materials traditional boundaries and stepping into new surface and substrate applications. Surface Squared have over 20 years’ experience working within the design, architectural and building industry.


  • Adelaide’s Women’s & Children’s Hospital

    Adelaide’s Women’s & Children’s Hospital

    High Pressure Laminate from Abet Laminati were used in Adelaide’s Women’s & Children’s Hospital with the colours Abet 464 ( Yellow) and Abet 482 (Light Blue). These unique colours with the high end qu

  • Ban Ban Restaurant

    Ban Ban Restaurant

    Our Abet 567 Mandarin was the perfect fit for Ban Ban's table tops in Adelaide. They wanted something anti-moisture, heat resistant and anti-bacterial to serve food on. With a great colour that suits

  • Collins Square Tower

    Collins Square Tower

    We are excited to share our most recent project: Collins Square Tower. In the photos you can spot our 478-root SURPAC and 478-root, 406-sei High Pressure Laminate featured on lockers and walls. SURPAC

  • Holz in Form

    Holz in Form

    Holz in Form structures are inspired by elements found throughout natures own textures. They have a distinctive look which interplay with light and shadow and are renowned for their tactile qualities.

  • Whitefriares College

    Whitefriares College

    So excited to share the most recent project that we worked on: The Whitefriars college is now open again for students after renovating their facilities with beautiful and durable colourful surfaces. C

  • Design Museum London

    Design Museum London

    Hr-Laq collection by Abet Laminati is the shiny laminate characterized by higher resistance to wear and scrubbing. The Design Museum in London chose these surfaces for interior infographic walls with

Surface Squared Library

  • SURPAC The Alternative Substrate

    SURPAC The Alternative Substrate

    SURPAC is a self-supporting decorative panel that can be used both horizontally and vertically in a broad range of applications. SURPAC is characterised by its distinctive black core which is made up

  • Anti-Fingerprint Matt Laminates

    Anti-Fingerprint Matt Laminates

    Architects from Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn (DJAS) chose ABET Laminati's extra matt, fingerprint and scratch resistant Polaris laminate decor 2902 Noir Pol, for The Department of Social Services&



    Fokkema & Partners Architects designed the head office of Holland Casino in Hoofddorp.  For the realization of a unique concept the architects chose, among others, some Abet Laminati proposa

  • Holz In Form: Real Wood Veneers

    Holz In Form: Real Wood Veneers

    Holz in Form are a German based compacy who specialise in creating embossed and shaped decorative panels for architectural interior applications. This unique product lends itself to hig

  • Your premium supplier of superior substrates

    Your premium supplier of superior substrates

    At Surface Squared we know that educational facilities have evolved to become highly flexible learning environments. We aim to provide architects and designers with a range of materials

  • Customised Surfaces

    Customised Surfaces

    Surface Squared offers the broadest range of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) colours in Australia. Our Digital and Screen Print HPL’s are from the world leaders in laminate design, ABET Laminati It

  • Holz in Form Natural Textures

    Holz in Form Natural Textures

    Holz in Form create finished timber panels with highly textual patterns. An MDF substrate is overlayed with multiple layers of timber veneers or finished in a lacquer. These textures are called &ldquo

  • Tarneit Central Shopping Centre

    Tarneit Central Shopping Centre

    “Feature design just cannot be done with pre-finished melamine board” The Buchan Group in Melbourne were looking for a unique bulkhead design when setting out the finishing wall features

  • Introducing SURPLY Deck

    Introducing SURPLY Deck

    From the family of “Engineered White Birch Plywood”, SURPLY Deck is a structural engineered birch plywood that has a unique surface overlay of black glass fiber that requires zero pos

  • surply Opal

    surply Opal

    SRPLY Opal White datasheet

  • Surcor Datasheet

    Surcor Datasheet

    Surcor is the name given to HPL (High Pressure Laminate) adhered using cold pressing technology to a thermoplastic foamed core. Surcor is a planar material with a decorative surface available in over

  • EDUCATION Brochure

    EDUCATION Brochure

    At Surface Squared we understand that educational facilities have evolved to become highly flexible learning environments. We aim to provide architects and designers with a range of materials that sup