Surface Squared

Surface Squared is a privately owned Australian business with offices in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. Surface Squared specialises in sourcing decorative surface and substrate materials from the best manufactures in the world, including ABET Laminati and Holz in Form. Whether you are an Architect, Interior Designer, Builder, Cabinet Maker or managing a building project Surface Squared are here to assist with your ideas and execution. Keenly working from design concepts through to the realities of the building process, Surface Squared's product knowledge is imperative in turning ideas into a reality. Surface Squared's approach is knowledge led. Surface Squared are continually challenging the materials traditional boundaries and stepping into new surface and substrate applications. Surface Squared have over 20 years’ experience working within the design, architectural and building industry.

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  • Timber Veneer

    Timber Veneer

    Surface Squared Timber Veneer sheets & panels have the expressiveness of real wood with the technological advantages of industrial production in high pressure laminates. Real wood timber veneer is in