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Guide to uploading & resizing logo, thumbnail and backdrop image

First impressions count! Draw attention to your page with eye-catching images.

Your profile will include a ‘logo’ and ‘backdrop’ as per the image below. This is available to Design Firm and Product Supplier accounts.

The ‘thumbnail’ appears in search results as per below.

Editing cover photos (logo, search thumbnail & backdrop image)

  1. Click the avatar in the top-right and choose ‘Dashboard’ from the drop down.
  2. Select My Library> Edit Profile in the sidebar to your left and navigate to ‘Cover Photos’.
  3. Drag & drop the image in the correct upload zone and save (if you cannot drop the image, click on the individual drop zone to open up a file explorer window & find the image on your computer).

Ensure ALL images are uploaded to save.

Specified dimensions:

  • Logo: 200 x 200px
  • Search thumbnail: 800 x 800px
  • Backdrop: 1920 x 525px


  • Get the image sizes right first go here

I need help resizing my images

Cover images have a minimum size requirement (listed above). If you are having issues getting an image to fit with the dimensions, please try the below tool or other readily available online (the below tool is a 3rd party website):

  1. Upload the image to the resizer tool.

    Ensure it’s high resolution and large enough for the resizing process. 

  2. Select ‘Fixed Aspect Ratio‘ & enter the dimensions (see above for specified dimensions).
  3. Hover over the image dragging from one end to the other. Position the box & ‘Crop’.
  4. Under ‘Resize your image’ enter the dimensions & click ‘Resize image’.
  5. ‘Download Image’ and upload to your profile. 

    If you are still have issues please contact us

Where can I edit my Avatar?

Your avatar is your display picture for the account – click here to edit.

Updated on October 10, 2017

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