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Guide & features for Product Suppliers

The Product Supplier

Putting your products / brands in front of the Architecture & Design Community

Bookmarc is an intuitive platform for building product suppliers of all sizes to drive branding and product engagement with specifiers such as architects, designers, builders, engineers etc.

List your products with Bookmarc and be part of our growing database of top tier suppliers. We work with importers, distributors and product manufacturers. Retailers who employ Specification Reps, supply bespoke furniture or have a presence in the A&D industry are also welcome.


A listing (aka Library) with Bookmarc allows you to:

  • Create – a business profile for your products & services that is clearly organised for specifiers to easily access, save and specify your products.
  • Connect – With other design professionals & suppliers on completed projects and build an organic project gallery. Showcase your beautiful portfolios and tag in your own products in-situ.
  • Upload – Organise your files by products + brands. Upload brochures, catalogues, samples charts, CAD/BIM/IES drawing files, product images and youtube videos in an intuitive auto tagging drag & drop function.
  • News – Working with a PR agency or writing your own content? Great – you can quickly share updates with our community and become a subject matter expert.
  • Statistics – Manage your engagement & learn more about your audience. With easy to understand analytics you can track your profile, trending items within your product library, user location, competitors & overall popularity.
  • Share – We are bringing the architect’s library into the 21st century with digital files. Instead of printing or attaching large files to email, share your files directly to users
  • Follow – Frankly, it’s impossible for your sales reps to visit every design firm to provide an catalogue update. Have them digitally follow your library to ensure they receive ongoing news, product and project updates directly into their inbox
  • Collaborate** – connect in your team members so specifiers have a direct point of contact.
  • Testimonials** – Collect reviews from clients and build credibility.

**Coming Soon


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Updated on October 10, 2017

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