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Product Tagging for Product Suppliers

What is Product Tagging

Connect with Design Firms and their portfolios to showcase your products in-situ.

  • Allow the Firm to validate your involvement in a project and let users source your products in-situ
  • Let the Design Firm’s portfolio do the talking and drive new business.
  • Build a beautiful project portfolio in an instant with each connection automatically added to your project library (virtual connection linking directly to the firm’s project).
  • Be found – your products will appear in the design firm’s portfolios as a product tag in-situ

My product has been tagged in a project several times.

You may have already been tagged multiple times by the Design Firm, or you can “ADD” additional tags by scrolling through the images.

How much is a Product Tag?

Currently, a product tag is $1 payable by credit card

How to accept pending connections

If you received an email notification asking you to connect into a project, this means the Design Firm would like you to identify your product/s in their project and let all users source your product in-situ. Half the work has already been done for you and this is a great start.

  1. Click the avatar in the top-right and choose ‘Dashboard’.

    Not registered? Click here to learn how.

  2. Navigate on the left menu to Project & Connections > Pending Connections.
  3. Click ‘+’ to reveal the ‘Pencil’ which will allow you to review the tag.
  4. Click the tag to add the product details (ie Product, Category, Brand) including a URL linking back to your site. Some firm’s will add additional tags, which you can edit once step 5 is completed.

5. Enter your payment details to activate the tag for all to see.

  • You can add additional products by scrolling through images

Adding additional tags after payment

When navigating the project, click the yellow ‘Add Products’ button to the right, hover over to select the in-situ location. Click to add and populate the tag with information.

I cannot find the project I was connected into

Received a notification? Use the same email address that received the email notification when registering as a Product Supplier to ensure the project appears under your profile. You can change this email after registration. Find out how here.

If you have registered using the same email address that received the connection email notification, but cannot see the pending connection in your dashboard, please contact us with a brief description of the situation and the following information:

  • Project:
  • The company who invited you:
  • Email Address:

How to connect into an existing project

You may have noticed your product in a project that has been uploaded by a design firm. You can create a connection and let all users know by adding your products in-situ.

  1. Select the project & navigate to the image you wish to tag.
  2. Click ‘Add Products’, hover over and select your product.
  3. Add the product details including a URL linking back to your site.
  4. Enter your payment details to your right to notify the Design Firm of your interest in connecting into their project.

Cannot find a product category that best describes my product

Please contact Bookmarc here.

Edit tags

How do I retract/delete a tag?

Learn how here

How do I tag my products in a project I’ve uploaded?

  1. Click the avatar in the top-right and choose Dashboard.
  2. Select ‘My Library’ > ‘Projects & connections’ in the sidebar to your left.
  3. Click the ‘Edit’ icon for the project and navigate to the ‘Tags’ tab.
  4. Hover over and select the product.
  5. Add the product details including a URL linking back to your site.

Can I connect into a project uploaded by another supplier?

Currently, you are not able to connect into a project uploaded by another product supplier.

How to connect with Design Professionals

You can tag Design Firms and the Photographer into your project. This process will provide credit and transparency.

Into existing projects

  1. Click the avatar in the top-right and choose ‘Dashboard’ from the drop down.
  2. Select ‘My Library’ > ‘Projects & Connections’ in the sidebar to your left.
  3. Click the ‘Edit’ icon for the project and navigate to the ‘Professionals’ tab.
  4. Select the profession eg builder or photographer from the drop down. Enter the company in the adjacent box and add an email to notify them of the connection. 

Into a new project

Connect your peers and photographer during the creation of a new project here.

Connect Notifications

Ensure your Project Connect notifications are turned on to receive email updates on pending connections.

Manage your email notifications here.

 Not receiving an email notification? Check your ‘Filtered’ or ‘Spam’ folders and ensure Bookmarc is a SAFE sender

Updated on April 11, 2018

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