ATELIER DE YAVORSKY is proud to unveil the completed architecture for ANTIDOTE (FL) by ATELIER DE YAVORSKY

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ATELIER DE YAVORSKY's latest project ANTIDOTE, which opened in November 2017, is located in one of Miami's most artistic neighborhoods Wynwood. The quirky clothing store fits perfectly into the design district, and brings forth an array of unique brands that truly stand out in its market. For every piece in the store, there is a story, a narrative that shows the store's commitment to sustainability, clothing, craftsmanship and design. The idea behind the store is creation, and the ability for a designer to create consciously.



Where Consciousness Meets Desire

From an architectural standpoint, the founder of ATELIER DE YAVORSKY, Guillermo de Yavorsky, understood from the beginning that every aspect of ANTIDOTE must tell a story. Through the use of beautiful imagery, a creative color palette, and a well-utilized space, de Yavorsky created a space that would bring to life all of ANTIDOTE's core values on sustainable high-end fashion.



"I based the design in simplicity," de Yavorsky explained. "The colors and materials follow the vision of the client." This vision tells a story of fresh beauty, of femininity displayed in a sophisticated yet natural way. The shop itself is more than just a socially responsible store in a prime location like Wynwood; it is a story of empowerment for women all over the world, where great ideas are created and beautiful fashion is discovered.



The Architecture of Antidote

As ANTIDOTE tells an empowering story for every woman, the store needed to reflect that narrative. De Yavorsky wanted to create an unusual color palette, one that was still sophisticated enough for the store without being too stereotypical. The primary color pink was chosen to represent the brand, with a deep green and a forest-like design in the backdrop as a reference to nature.

As Miami is a growing metropolis with nature accented throughout, de Yavorsky wanted to emphasize this relationship throughout the store through the use of intricate materials. Concrete was chosen in a variation of colors for the floors, as well as a rich copper for the bars that hold the shelves and a solid oak for the shelves, window platform, and entrance.



It was important for these materials to be used in the creation for ANTIDOTE, both because de Yavorsky wanted to create a space with truly authentic materials and because the store as a whole has a warmer authenticity to it. As this is a company that sells high-end fashion, the natural materials allowed the

designer to use them in a way that was almost unusual, making use of the spaces, both big and small, to create something architecturally sound.



The piece de resistance of the store is the colorful collection of geometric shapes. These pieces, which can be moved and manipulated into different shapes around the room, add a fun and dynamic element to the atmosphere. The color palette fits in seamlessly with the rest of the shop, the height varies from piece to piece, and overall, they are fitting fixtures within the room that can be displayed at different angles from every viewpoint.



As ANTIDOTE is a place with so many layers, its execution was key. To bring the vision to life in an extraordinary way, all elements of the design had to come together. The color choice, the materials, the theme, the vibe, it all creates a space that feel spontaneous and unconventional. This project is one that isn't pretentious but progressive and real. ANTIDOTE is a store for every woman looking for something more.

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