Barry Price Architecture

Established in 1994, the practice features ‘Regional Modern’ architecture in its residential, institutional, and commercial designs.


  • Valley View

    Valley View

    Location: Lake Hill, NY The rural mountain was transformed into a residential compound with the minimum of disturbance to natural features.

  • Vassar.Thompson


    Location: Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY Driven by the requirement to increase the size and dehumidification capacity of the subsurface HVAC faults serving the existing library complex, the vaults s

  • STN


    Location: Woodstock, NY A high performance home, carefully located on the small buildable footprint within a documented wetland.

  • Esopus Meadows

    Esopus Meadows

    Location Esopus, NY An accessible public pavilion, located at the Esopus Meadows Preserve to provide for educational gatherings, concerts and recreational use.

  • Cabin 3000

    Cabin 3000

    Location: Lake Hill, NY Built to meet Passive House certification criteria, this super-insulated building maximizes passive solar gain, minimizes energy usage and optimizes interior air quality.