Biber Architects

Biber Architects is a tightknit practice of highly experienced architects and designers with a design orientated focus.


  • City Hall Park Reimagined

    City Hall Park Reimagined

    Looking out our window, walking the streets in front of the Woolworth Building and living in the neighbourhood has given us an intimate understanding of City Hall Park and its environs.

  • The Harley-Davidson Museum

    The Harley-Davidson Museum

    The Harley-Davidson Museum is a multi-building complex on a newly reclaimed Brownfield industrial site close to down town Milwaukee.

  • Pizza Vinoteca

    Pizza Vinoteca

    Location: Union Square, NYC Pizza may be ubiquitous, but good, smart pizza paired with good value wines and iPad ordering is a new concept. Add a cool restaurant design and the experience is elevated

  • Montauk Guest House

    Montauk Guest House

    Awards: 2009, AIA New York State Design Awards Citation for Design

  • Milano Expo 2015 USA Pavilion

    Milano Expo 2015 USA Pavilion

    The entire Expo is themed "Feed the Planet, Energy for Life", devoted to food; global, local and personal. The USA Pavilion, named 'American Food 2.0, United to Feed the Planet' shows just how engaged