Charming Decor Ideas on How to Spruce Up Your Living Room This Christmas by Chloe Smith

Comments Chloe Smith 17-12-2018

The holiday season has already started and it is time to bring the festive spirit inside your house. The room that takes center stage during the Christmas holidays is of course the living room. There are numerous ways to introduce the holiday spirit into it, but the best ones are related to changing its overall décor. If you are lacking charming décor ideas, then we have the stuff that you need. The following 8 ideas are bound to spruce up your living room to go with the holiday mood.

Adorn the ceiling with snowflakes

Snow comes from above but for some reason we adorn only the vertical walls in our house. This is all nice, but it can never depict the snowy winter land outside. Since the color of most ceilings is white, it is an excellent backdrop for white stars and snowflakes to be hung from it. They should be made from a lightweight material, such as Styrofoam and hung using thin pieces of string, such as fishing lines. Take a simple vintage ladder and attach them using scotch tape or even paper glue.


A small tree

The Christmas tree will be in the center of your decoration efforts. That is why many people make the mistake of getting a super large tree. However, when it comes to décor, size matters little as ornamentation is far more important. A smaller tree, around a meter or a meter a half in height would be perfect. Create a neutral surrounding around the tree to serve as the backdrop for your Christmas ornaments to truly shine.


A fresh look of the furniture

You are not going to buy new furniture for the Christmas season, but you can refresh the look of the existing pieces. The living room sofa can be beautified by placing a cloth full of Santa Claus and reindeer patterns. Even a simple stool can be adorned with a photo frame with a holiday spirit saying written on it. For other parts of the room, such as the TV stand or the shelves, simple white candles would do just fine. You can create your own candle holders or even better, get hold of some vintage ones. Just make sure they are not lit until Christmas Eve. You want to bring in the holiday mood into your living room, not set fire to your house.


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Plastic mats

The most novel idea we offer is at the same time the boldest one. Plastic mats are suitable for ornamenting the floor surfaces that most people forget to decorate. The carpet you look at every day is not suitable for the holiday season, nor are bare floors. That is why colorful plastic mats, like the ones from Mat Shop,  can really make a difference in the décor of any living room. You can even use them for the base of the Christmas tree. Use green ones to make a stand for all the presents you get (and receive).


Metallic colors

Whether it’s the Christmas tree or the walls of the room, metallic colors are hip this season. The best combination is silver with gold. They are ideally combined with the color white that represents snow. This combination can be extended to the entire house so the holiday mood is all encompassing. When shopping for tree decorations such as tree balls, make sure you pick out these two metallic colors.


Mantle decoration

The most rewarding place for decoration in the entire living room is the mantelpiece. No single fixture has been more associated with Christmas over the years. Beside the mandatory stockings, place other things on the mantelpiece, such as candles and their holders, wreaths and other decorations. Make sure their color matches the color of the mantelpiece. If you don’t have a fireplace, then there are other places to hang the stockings, if nothing else.




Don’t forget chairs

We are not Victorians to dress furniture but during the holiday season putting a little something on the chairs could not hurt. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate; a simple wreath on the back rest will do just fine. Since chairs get moved around, attach it firmly and ensure that there are no parts coming of it, like pine needles. Also, you can place seat cushions with festive motives.



True spirit of the winter season becomes apparent only during night time. That is when all the light decorations go on, both outside the house and inside the house. Don’t just use the standard lights, but hand additional lamps around the living room. Take down a picture or two and hang lights that are set into wreaths. This is a feature that not many homes will have this Christmas.

Finally, don’t forget that sprucing up your home this Christmas in not an obligation but a joy to do. That is why you should embrace ideas listed here and come up with your own. You’ll see, once you start decorating the living room, it will be hard to stop.


Chloe Smith is a design enthusiast and a part-time writer always willing to share tidbits of advice. She believes that passion, courage and, above all, knowledge breed success. When she’s not working, she’s probably somewhere cuddled up with a good book, and a cup of lemongrass tea (or more honestly binge-watching the newest Netflix hit show).

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