Chic Kitchen Additions You Didn't Know You Needed by Chloe Smith

Comments Chloe Smith 18-12-2018

Have you been thinking of remodeling your kitchen? If you are about to make some changes in it, why not consider adding some pretty cool kitchen additions? Some of them not only look great, but all of them will make your life easier and you will probably want to have all of them when you read this - and who could blame you?

1. Over-the-sink strainer and cutting board

You will probably wonder how you haven't come up with such a great idea. These two items will definitely make your dinner preparation faster but it will also make it simpler for you to wash the fruit and vegetables you need.


2. Rotating sink

Just to be precise, you don't only get a rotating sink - it comes with a cutting board and colander. Whenever you need to prepare a meal really fast, this rotating sink with accompanying items is all you need.


3. An underground wine cellar

Ok, this kitchen addition certainly needs you to invest a bit more money than other useful items but it is not only practical but also incredibly cool. No better way to impress your friends and family than to go underground in your kitchen when you want a bottle of finest wine for your luxury dinner night.


4. Vertical herb garden

Herbs are an essential part of any cool kitchen - they add great flavor to anything you prepare and they are incredibly nutritious. While you are doing the remodeling, why not take it to another level when it comes to herbs in the kitchen? You can find one corner of the kitchen where you can have your vertical herb garden - that way, you will have free shelves to place something else on them and you will also have a cool decoration in the kitchen that is truly unique, and it's an easy kitchen DIY.


Photo by Jan Sedivy on Unsplash


5. Pasta machine

Maybe you think this machine is completely unnecessary in the kitchen, but wait until you have tried the pasta it makes! This appliance will be worth your money for anybody who can tell the difference between fresh pasta and the one that's been dried and packed.


6. Multi-storage unit

You probably get frequently annoyed by having to use a couple of drawers for foil, paper towels, plastic wrap and other kitchen essentials. Luckily, somebody finally come up with a multi-storage unit where all of these essentials can be kept together, at the reach of your hand.


7. Ready-made Food

Have you ever been in a situation where guests show up at your door, and you’re basically empty handed? Don’t reach for the phone, all you have to do is be only slightly prepared. Make sure that our freezer is always stocked up with ready-made food and frozen treats like the ones found in Tapas Market. That way, you always have the upper hand and a delicious meal on your table. Who doesn’t like an improptu chic Spanish fiesta, am I right?


8. A sink made out of copper

Copper has become a real hype recently and it's no wonder - it looks wonderful and it's so retro. In case you have some extra money after the remodeling, spend it on this long-lasting, cute copper sink.


9. A microwave cleaner

This is not just any microwave cleaner. It comes in a form of an erupting volcano! Sounds crazy? Well, this cleaning volcano has some truly great cleaning powers, even though it's made only from water and vinegar. When this cleans starts steaming and eventually "erupts", you can simply take it out of the microwave. The only thing you need to do next is to use a dry cloth to remove the residue.


10. Electric salt & pepper grinders

Every dish is accompanied by salt and pepper on the table, but the truth is that traditional models, the ones that you hold and twist, can be impractical, as well as unsanitary. If you opt for the electric models, you can use only one hand and still be precise, which will make it easier for your kids to handle it, too.


\Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


11. Kitchen rolling cart

In case your kitchen is very small or you simply want to have an additional kitchen island for special occasions, a kitchen rolling cart is a great idea. You may have seen it in bigger restaurants and hotels, but there are smaller versions for home use, which come in different styles and colors.


Final comment

You have probably found at least three items on this list that would really be helpful in the kitchen, so don't hesitate to get them - the goal of remodeling is to improve your kitchen, and this is how you do it.


Chloe Smith is a design enthusiast and a part-time writer always willing to share tidbits of advice. She believes that passion, courage and, above all, knowledge breed success. When she’s not working, she’s probably somewhere cuddled up with a good book, and a cup of lemongrass tea (or more honestly binge-watching the newest Netflix hit show).

Header Image: Photo by Nicolas Gras on Unsplash

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