Dan Brunn Architecture

Dan Brunn Architecture designs and develops commercial and residential projects worldwide. Formed in 2005, DBA prides itself on crafting architecture that respects the site and provokes a sensuous interaction with the environment. DBA focuses on purposeful modernism that heightens the user’s understanding and connection with the space. Every project DBA creates is dedicated to clean modernism, where function is purposeful and aesthetic becomes inherent. The synergy of the two creates unique, timeless and truly experiential spaces.


  • Zig Zag House

    Zig Zag House

    A financial manager and an aspiring artist requested a home with clean lines, simple maintenance, and durable materials to suit the oceanfront location. A garage large enough to fit a boat on a trail

  • Bridge House

    Bridge House

    Bridge House is set to be a creative marvel at Hancock Park in Los Angeles.The 4,500 square foot residence will stretch 210 feet across a stream, giving the design its name. EZ Concept are honored to