John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects

John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (JFAK) work with the belief that architecture has a dramatic affect on people's lives. With this in mind, JFAK endeavours to create social spaces that encourage creativity while sustaining the environment to result in a positive change for the surrounding community.


  • Peace Creek Villas

    Peace Creek Villas

    This project provides for four different villa types to be located along a man-made lake and canal, on a site within the new Luxe Lake housing and mixed-used development in Chengdu, China. Each of the

  • Roberts PAvilion - Claremont McKenna College

    Roberts PAvilion - Claremont McKenna College

    An athletic, scultural atheltic venue providing a social hub and wellness centre for students and faculty to come together.

  • La Kretz Innovation Campus

    La Kretz Innovation Campus

    The La Kretz Innovation Campus (LKIC) provides facilities such as conference rooms, offices, prototyping hubs and event spaces to entrepreneurs, engineers and plolicymakers in the LA Arts District. L

  • Ehrlich House

    Ehrlich House

    This residence uses a full range of sustainability features, including concrete floors to absorb heat and a large koi pond that cools the air before it enters the house. The multiple skylights and fl