Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects

We are an award-winning San Francisco based architecture firm specializing in multifamily housing, cultural and religious projects.


  • Tampa Museum of Art, Florida

    Tampa Museum of Art, Florida

    Museums began in ancient times as Temples, dedicated to the muses, where the privileged went to be amused, to witness beauty, and to learn. After the Renaissance museums went public with palatial stru

  • Center for Jewish Life

    Center for Jewish Life

    The Raymond G. Perelman Center for Jewish Life is a communal home at Drexel University.<br>Jewish and Life... so intimately intertwined... so deeply rooted... so rich in knowledge...<br>This is a spac

  • Oz Residence

    Oz Residence

    <br>The site is a hilltop, accessed via a winding mountainous drive, ending in a circular cul de sac. Once on the site, views in other directions unfold, and in the distance the skyline of San Francis

  • 8 Octavia

    8 Octavia

    8 Octavia is a gateway building, announcing the new San Francisco at the entry from the 101 Freeway. Each occupant operates louvers on the façade, constantly changing the image of the building. Units

  • Transvaal House

    Transvaal House

    The site is a six acre piece of highveld. The owners and builders, Scott and Linda Brebnor. The house began as the simulation of the act of habitation on a piece of paper.<br><br>A circle, beginning a