Studio Gang

Studio Gang explores the role of architectural design in revitalising cities


  • Maisonette


    The design for Maisonette transforms a former ballroom of the Ambassador West Hotel into a modern home and showcase for the family’s art collection.

  • Shoreland


    Built during the height of the Jazz Age, the Shoreland was one of Chicago’s most glamorous hotels. Studio Gang’s renovation and restoration of the building transforms the Shoreland into a contemporary

  • Lavezzorio Community Center

    Lavezzorio Community Center

    As the central hub of SOS Children’s Village Chicago, the Lavezzorio Community Center combines social services and neighbourhood amenities under one roof, serving children and families in the city’s A

  • Writers Theatre

    Writers Theatre

    Studio Gang’s design for the new home of Glencoe’s Writers Theatre is designed to maximise this potential for a 21st-century theatre company, creating an architecture that energises the daily life of