Tigerman McCurry Architects

Tigerman McCurry is rooted in the Chicago architectural tradition of innovative design and construction.


  • Lakeside Residence

    Lakeside Residence

    Located on the main street of a small town in southwestern Michigan just back from Lake Michigan's shore, this cottage was designed by the architects as a weekend home for themselves and their two chi

  • Neisser Residence

    Neisser Residence

    To build in the historic district of Aspen is to accept the stringent zoning practices and design guidelines put into effect by the Aspen City Council to regulate the scale of new residential building

  • Crayola House

    Crayola House

    With its prow pointed towards the waves and clad in sand-proof corrugated metal, this 5,500 square foot waterfront residence for a sea captain and his professorial mate is beached on the Sheboygan sho

  • Sonoma Valley Residence

    Sonoma Valley Residence

    Nestled in among a redwood ring and the live oak clusters that crown a hill on this 400-acre former cattle ranch in the Sonoma Valley, this 6,000 square foot indigenous house for a family of four is d

  • The Anti-Cruelty Animal Shelter

    The Anti-Cruelty Animal Shelter

    The building is a second-generation addition to a building designed in 1933 in Chicago-World’s-Fair Moderne with an addition in 1953 done in International-Style Modern. The original buildings rent to

  • Neisser Condominium

    Neisser Condominium

    harmony. Our modernist client purchased in its raw state, a 4,400 square foot condominium in a Post Modern building with a 12-foot floor to ceiling dimension. Her desire was to provide accommodation

  • Urban Villa

    Urban Villa

    Tigerman's design of the Urban Villa, a 2.5-story home in the Tegel district of then-West Berlin, Germany, illustrates architectural modernism in the late 20th century. Severely bombed in World War II