• Energy Efficient Homes: The Basics

    Energy Efficient Homes: The Basics

    Building an energy efficient home is a great idea.  We all know about the positive effects on the environment but it can also save you plenty of cash by lowering your day to day running costs.

  • Dove White limestone lends form and function

    Dove White limestone lends form and function

    Complementing the stone used on Brandeis University’s iconic Campus Centre, the university wanted an admissions centre to be inviting and offer positive first impressions to new and prospective

  • Velo Towers

    Velo Towers

    The Velo Towers by Asymptote are designed within the Yongsan master plan now being implemented in Seoul, Korea. The towers are designed though a strategy of stacking cylindrical volumes then utilizing

  • Skylight House

    Skylight House

    This modernist brick home built in 1979 stands in playful contrast to its neighbouring historic row homes. The new owners wanted a total renovation with an open floor plan filled with natural light as

  • Wisconsin River House

    Wisconsin River House

    Set on a wooded lot above the banks of the Fox River, this contemporary home quietly attracts attention while blending into its surroundings. The owners, a couple with three children, wanted a home th

  • OMA's Pierre Lassonde Pavilion opens to the public

    OMA's Pierre Lassonde Pavilion opens to the public

    The new pavillion for the Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec has a sense of humour and humility, and is designed above all for showcasing art. Designed by OMA’s New York

  • DNA Model Management Renovation

    DNA Model Management Renovation

    Commercial interior office renovation DNA Model Management is a boutique model agency that has become a powerhouse in the fashion industry. In an environment often criticized for its objectificatio

  • Bellport Residence

    Bellport Residence

    Residential renovation, addition and historic restoration The original barn structures on this property were built in 1860 and moved to their current locations and converted to residential use in a

  • Christian Louboutin Boutique

    Christian Louboutin Boutique

    In the heart of Manhattan lies a high-end shoe boutique commissioned by 212box. This prestigious project consists of creating a unique facade for the exclusive shoe brand Christian Louboutin. The open



    [featimage align="center"] Factory Berlin is the new campus for Twitter and a host of other like minded companies. Designed by Berlin architectural practice, Julian Breinersdorfer, the campus consis