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  • CBT


    Bound by collaborative energy, dynamic talent and inspired by over five decades of design innovation, CBT is a leading design firm working locally, nationally and internationally in architecture, inte

  • SO-IL


    SO–IL is an award winning architectural design firm that envisions spaces for culture, learning and innovation. From their offices in New York, SO–IL partakes in the production of buildings, interiors

  • Ball-Nogues Studio

    Ball-Nogues Studio

    Ball-Nogues Studio is an integrated design and fabrication practice operating in a territory between architecture, art and industrial design, led by Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues. Their work is info

  • Vinci | Hamp Architects

    Vinci | Hamp Architects

    Vinci | Hamp Architects is a full-service architectural practice serving residential, commercial and institutional clients. The majority of our projects involve historic buildings and art installation

  • BAR Architects

    BAR Architects

    BAR Architects strive to create places that inspire and that stand the test of time while meeting each client's unique needs. Our work inspires design to deliver a special feeling each time one enters

  • Hord Coplan Macht

    Hord Coplan Macht

    Excellent design can’t happen without exceptional people. This value continues to guide our growth. We hire talented people, inspire them with work that they love.

  • ROGERSPARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers

    ROGERSPARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers

    At ROGERS PARTNERS design for today with tomorrow in mind, creating buildings that work, projects that last, and designs that delight

  • James Corner Field Operations

    James Corner Field Operations

    James Corner Field Operations is a leading-edge urban design, landscape architecture and public realm practice based in New York City.

  • PWP Landscape Architecture

    PWP Landscape Architecture

    For nearly 30 years PWP Landscape Architecture, under the leadership of Peter Walker, has developed a tradition of design practice that responds to as well as influences its environment.

  • Handel Architects LLP

    Handel Architects LLP

    Handel Architects is an all-inclusive architectural firm with more than 150 architects, interior designers and planners working in New York City, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

  • Sorg Architects

    Sorg Architects

    Sorg Architects is a full service, international design firm offering architectural design services as well as interior design, urban planning, historic preservation and construction managem

  • Tony Owen Partners

    Tony Owen Partners

    Tony Owen Partners was formed in 2004 and has grown rapidly to be an emerging mid-sized architecture practice focusing on architectural, interiors and urban planning services.