Landscaping suppliers

  • California Pools

    California Pools

    Since 1952, California Pools has built more than 70,000 pools, making us one of the largest pool builders in the nation. As the recognized industry leader, we have collected more design and construct

  • Coach House Timbers

    Coach House Timbers

    The artisans at Coach House Timbers have a deep passion for sourcing and providing quality Australian timbers to design and construction specialists. Coach House Timber achieve style and insight in th

  • Cosh Living

    Cosh Living

    Cosh Living was founded in 2008 by company Directors Colin Kupke and Shane Sinnott. Specialising in contemporary furniture and servicing the mid to high-end residential and commercial market

  • Corex


    Corex manufacture in Australia a range of plastic sheet products that are used widely in the building and construction industry.

  • Casafico


    CASAFICO are manufacturers & innovators of building products. Our products are designed to be environmentally conscience, fast, efficient and user friendly.

  • Comax Australia

    Comax Australia

    Based in Brisbane, COMAX is a manufacturing company that offers customized furniture to to suit individual and environments needs.

  • Corradi


    Corradi has been transforming the outdoor spaces for 35 years offering a distinctive variety of outdoor settings using the best in technology and design.

  • Cinajus


    Cinajus specialise in supplying 100% natural stone products.

  • Coopers Store

    Coopers Store

    Coopers Store has been producing beautifully, handcrafted wooden furniture from carefully selected new and recycled, local hardwood timbers for over 20 years

  • Corehole Solutions

    Corehole Solutions

    Corehole repair kit for concrete slabs.

  • Concrib


    Concrib provides solutions for a wide variety of earth stabilisation and soil retention projects.

  • Classic Architectural Group

    Classic Architectural Group

    Classic Architectural Group is committed to assisting you in creating safe & aesthetically enhanced environment, through the focus of providing contemporary and innovative access solutions.