Construction suppliers

  • Paskal Pty Ltd

    Paskal Pty Ltd

    Paskal Pty Ltd is a leading distributor of wide range specialised and premier quality industrial fabrics, zips, threads, webbing and other accessories. Our team strives to provide excellent quality pr

  • Fakro America

    Fakro America

    FAKRO, makers of skylights, roof windows and attic ladders. FAKRO has become the most dynamic and fastest growing company of skylights and attic ladders in the world. In order to meet our high stan

  • Tamko Building Products

    Tamko Building Products

    Since 1944, the TAMKO story has been one of innovation, quality and long-standing customer relationships. In 2019, TAMKO celebrates 75 years in business, a historic anniversary made possible through t

  • Katerra


    We believe that better, faster, cheaper building projects are long overdue. The multi-trillion dollar global construction industry is ready for change. Construction companies traditionally invest

  • 3M


    The early beginnings of 3M were humble rocks, but after more than 100 years, we know how to rock science. Every day at 3M, we explore, we connect and we invent. We’ve opened the door to show the w

  • DaVinci Roofscapes

    DaVinci Roofscapes

    DaVinci has been the leader in composite roofing for nearly two decades. Our commitment to creating durable, beautiful roofing tiles is unparalleled. You won’t find a more realistic or better-performi

  • McElroy Metal

    McElroy Metal

    McElroy Metal supplies a broad range of roofing products, all of which are constructed from top-of-the-line materials and are of the highest quality. McElroy products also deliver many benefits, e

  • Universal Wood

    Universal Wood

    Universal Hardwood - It's not your dream home until it has the perfect floor. At Universal Hardwood, we're LA's #1 seller of hardwood flooring. Since 1994, we've helped thousands of homeowners and

  • Tamlyn


    TAMLYN® was established in May 1971, and remains family-owned to this day. TAMLYN® history is one of quality, innovation, and proven performance. TAMLYN® are proud to represent the manufacturing end o

  • Thermory USA

    Thermory USA

    Thermory's unrivaled, proven thermal modification process uses only heat and steam to enhance the wood and provide a durable, long-lasting product with a sophisticated, refined aesthetic. Thermory's t

  • Phoenix Metals

    Phoenix Metals

    Phoenix Metals creates a bridge between primary metal producers and consumers. This enables Phoenix Metals to custom fit orders making us a one stop depot for all of your metal service needs. Phoenix

  • Lorin Industries

    Lorin Industries

    LORIN - ACHIEVING SIGNATURE IMPACT WITH EASE. Dream it, see it, believe it. Forget your perceptions. This is a new kind of aluminum. Polished, powerful, and dynamic to reflect your vision. that’s t