Latest Projects

  • Victorian Square Building

    Victorian Square Building

    The concept for Victorian Square is inspired by a nearby backcountry skiing haunt referred to by locals as “The Pillow Factory”. The highlight of this area is the countless snow-covered rock outcropp

  • FAKRO FGH-V Balcony Windows

    FAKRO FGH-V Balcony Windows

    The unique design of balcony windows opened up the bedroom in the attic to the garden and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. After opening, the FGH-V Galeria balcony window creates a balcony, increasi

  • Daycare “Prins Vleermuis”

    Daycare “Prins Vleermuis”

    The toddlers need the space full of light … transformation from the military barrack to the daycare center In the city of Ede in the center of the Netherlands, a former military barrack is being tran

  • Vienna Tenement House

    Vienna Tenement House

    The tenement house situated in the heart of Vienna has been rebuilt with attention to preserving its timeless character. Thanks to the courageous idea of the extensions, the building gained additional

  • 'Sky Lounge' for 4th West Apartments

    'Sky Lounge' for 4th West Apartments

    4th West has changed the way people experience apartment living in Salt Lake City’s downtown. At its opening in 2017, the project set a new standard and precedent for rooftop and outdoor living by hav

  • Shepherd Church

    Shepherd Church

    The grand Shepherd Church with a brand new courtyard space. Two fountains are the highlight of this church courtyard, creating a peaceful and ideal spot for reflection and gathering together with frie

  • Jacksonville Beach Public Parking

    Jacksonville Beach Public Parking

    Public Parking lot near Jacksonville Beach, providing new and expanded bike parking spaces.

  • Sun City Kobe Tower

    Sun City Kobe Tower

    With breathtaking views of Mt. Rokko to the north and a vast waterscape to the south, Kobe sits as a strip of land with phenomenal views both inland and to the sea. Located one block from the Kobe Sea

  • Ranch O|H

    Ranch O|H

    This modern take on a traditional ranch home offers contemporary materials and landscape to a classic typology. The weekend home’s design grew around the 100-year-old Valley Oak to form a horseshoe-sh

  • Ocean Beach Renovation

    Ocean Beach Renovation

    This Ocean Beach property received a complete remodel and makeover to create better use of space and to take full advantage of the panoramic ocean views. The TimberTech 'PRO Terrain Collection' was u

  • KB Home ProjeKt

    KB Home ProjeKt

    The KB Home ProjeKt breaks new ground in smart home building through innovative partnerships and cutting-edge technology that helps residents improve their physical and emotional health and well-being

  • Light Box

    Light Box

    On a gritty stretch of Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, the PSPMLA office sits on a previously vacant 2,500 sf infill commercial parcel. Dubbed the “Light Box” for its simple geometry slotted in ackno