Latest Projects

  • Light Box

    Light Box

    On a gritty stretch of Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, the PSPMLA office sits on a previously vacant 2,500 sf infill commercial parcel. Dubbed the “Light Box” for its simple geometry slotted in ackno

  • Lousiville Free Public Library South Central Regional Branch

    Lousiville Free Public Library South Central Regional Branch

    The Louisville South Central Regional Library is the second of three new regional libraries strategically positioned to serve the suburban regions of Metro Louisville. The project was a true design co

  • Austin Central Library

    Austin Central Library

    Overlooking Shoal Creek and Lady Bird Lake, the LEED Platinum Austin Central Library is a building shaped by light and designed to respond to the context of its place. Aspiring to be the most day-lit

  • Standing Seam | Metal Roofing Panels

    Standing Seam | Metal Roofing Panels

    Standing seam roofing is considered one of the most durable and maintenance-free type of metal roofing materials on the market. A standing seam metal roof provides energy reduction benefits without sa

  • Sonoma Wine Country I

    Sonoma Wine Country I

    Comprised of two perpendicular bars atop a hill overlooking the village of Healdsburg, this home offers both ample social space ideal for entertaining and the privacy of a rural retreat. The taller s

  • Coastal Layers for Feizy Rugs

    Coastal Layers for Feizy Rugs

    A collection of fresh, classic and California casual indoor- outdoor rugs. This performance collection is fresh, classic and perfect for the everyday wear and tear you’d expect in any home. From pet

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting

    Our lighting is subtle, but the results are remarkable. We aim to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor spaces so that you look forward to being outside, whether you’re entertaining f

  • SL04 Mini Flood Light

    SL04 Mini Flood Light

    Energy-efficient, high-quality LED and viable light sources for the landscape lighting industry.

  • New York Loft

    New York Loft

    A unique room inside an iconic New York building was carefully treated to emphasize the muscular beauty of the ancient building skeleton itself. In a project that was almost more about taking away tha

  • Shamal


    Elemental forces fight each other on the wall covering that got its name from the Shamal wind. The image of the mild breeze and the golden dust in the tranquil Persian Gulf suddenly and violently shak

  • Alaska


    The starting point for this panel was the northernmost part of the USA, the snowy and icy state of Alaska. The playful and thought-provoking, crater-like hollows evoke the transition from the hardness

  • Tunguska


    The panel named after the Siberian Tunguska was inspired by the largest impact event on Earth. Its convex spherical shapes emerge from the stately surface symbolizing the way the explosion left its de