Hospitality projects

  • SL04 Mini Flood Light

    SL04 Mini Flood Light

    Energy-efficient, high-quality LED and viable light sources for the landscape lighting industry.

  • Shamal


    Elemental forces fight each other on the wall covering that got its name from the Shamal wind. The image of the mild breeze and the golden dust in the tranquil Persian Gulf suddenly and violently shak

  • Alaska


    The starting point for this panel was the northernmost part of the USA, the snowy and icy state of Alaska. The playful and thought-provoking, crater-like hollows evoke the transition from the hardness

  • Tunguska


    The panel named after the Siberian Tunguska was inspired by the largest impact event on Earth. Its convex spherical shapes emerge from the stately surface symbolizing the way the explosion left its de

  • Decocrete™ Concrete

    Decocrete™ Concrete

    Our Decocrete™ range includes: Exposed Aggregate - including standard, blasted and polish finish. Stencil - The look of brick, stone or tile paving in a variety of textures and colours Impression - T

  • The Belvedere Hotel

    The Belvedere Hotel

    A fresh contemporary look with modern accents adorns the Belvedere Restaurant’s outdoor terrace at The Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills. With a magnificent Podocarpus tree as its focal point, large Gold

  • HINTERHOF, Los Angeles

    HINTERHOF, Los Angeles

    Hinterhof is a German restaurant, bar and beer garden in the Highland Park Neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The project goal was to capture the spirit of traditional German food establishments

  • Grainmaker


    The fast casual restaurant Grainmaker brings healthy, grain-based Southeast Asian cuisine to Downtown Crossing. The Summer St. location features a welcoming double-height space at the entry as well

  • La Sirena

    La Sirena

    La Sirena LOCATION: New York, NY SIZE: 15,000 sq ft / 1,394 sq m YEAR: 2016

  • Ceremony Coffee Roasters

    Ceremony Coffee Roasters

    In 2015, Ceremony Coffee Roasters- the Annapolis, MD-based purveyor of coffee and professional coffee equipment- was looking to expand into the Baltimore region. SM+P Architects was hired to design th

  • La Cuchara

    La Cuchara

    SM+P architects was hired by Chef Ben Lefenfeld to work with him on a new space. After some searching for different locations, Ben Landed at a spot in Meadow Mill. The space was filled with plywood st

  • Ginger Restaurant Expansion

    Ginger Restaurant Expansion

    OW worked closely with the managing partner of Ginger to design the new lounge adjacent to the existing restaurant. Opened in the Fall of 2010, the lounge brings big city style to Anchorage with a ne