Industrial projects

  • Further Lane Pool House

    Further Lane Pool House

    The goal for this Hamptons pool house was to create a maximum variety of experiences within a relatively small set of indoor and outdoor spaces, all within eyeshot and earshot of each other. Moving t

  • The ICA Watershed

    The ICA Watershed

    The ICA Watershed is a large-scale, industrial space for contemporary art located directly across Boston Harbor from the ICA/Boston Museum. The site, an abandoned copper pipe factory in the East Bosto

  • Victory Buick GMC

    Victory Buick GMC

    A prominent location on a highly traveled interstate provided a design challenge to integrate a functional, innovative facility that was also a “billboard” for passersby. The curved glass façade and i

  • La Marzocco

    La Marzocco

    Merging cafe with showroom, the design for La Marzocco’s first-and-only retail space takes its inspiration from La Marzocco’s Florentine factory and the La Marzocco espresso machines themselves—a merg

  • Not Whole Fence

    Not Whole Fence

    Not Whole Fence pays homage to the simpler days of baseball, riffing on the mythic image of kids to trying to catch a glimpse of the ballgame through a knothole in a wooden fence. Located on a major i

  • Columbia Building

    Columbia Building

    The Columbia Building Wastewater Treatment Plant (CBWTP) Engineering Building is an 11,640 sq. ft. open-studio office building for the City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services (BES). Housin

  • Qatar Airways Maintenance Facility

    Qatar Airways Maintenance Facility

    A significant supporting element of the new international airport in Doha, the Qatar Airways Aircraft Maintenance Facility takes aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul to an almost unprecedented sc

  • Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

    The highest standards of site planning and architectural design are invoked and the wastewater treatment process demystified in this striking and prominent public facility that has become an icon of t

  • UC Davis

    UC Davis

    As part of a chemistry lab remodel project, ATI assisted UC Davis with the conversion of two Chemistry Labs. The two labs are 960 sf each and are located in the basement of the Chemistry building. The

  • Sysco Food Services

    Sysco Food Services

    The new Sysco Food Services facility in Riverside, CA, is near Van Buren Blvd and Interstate 215, at the March Air Base site. The project is based off of Sysco’s prototype distribution facility that h

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  • Williams College | ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance

    Williams College | ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance

    Project Location: Williamstown, Massachusetts The ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance at Williams College in their pursuit of artistic excellence and also serves as a world class venue for the Williamst