Understanding your brief and project means we can see, predict or identify things that you may not be aware of. As specialist designers and installers of tensile architectural solutions, part of our fact finding is looking at the site and undertaking a site analysis: looking at sun direction, the view, weather conditions, orientation, noise, access points and so forth. When working with a large range of tensile solutions like, structural cables and rods to tensioned mesh, we have the fittings and the knowledge on their specification, application and know how they should be installed. Making sure your expectations are met is fundamental to your project’s success. Using the best products from around the globe means we can provide our clients with the right tensile designer and solution for their project. Tensile architecture is an exciting industry covering many facets: • Bracing cables • Green facades, Green wall solutions, Vertical gardens and Green building facades • Creative balustrades • Building facades and exterior building design • Stainless Steel Wire Rope for interior spacing and design • Webnet and Frames for bridge safety • Jakob Rope Systems • Animal enclosures • Children’s playgrounds • Catenary lighting systems Working with our highly experienced team in tensile systems, our clients love seeing their projects come to life. We have had the privilege of working on some of the most intriguing examples of tensile architecture in the world, such as One Central Park, Henley Square, Wulaba Playground Park, Olympic Park Treehouse, Melbourne School of Design and many more. For your next project, contact us on 02 9999 3668 or info@tensile.com.au


  • Eve Apartments

    Eve Apartments

    Tensile’s green facades while looking simplistic often hide a complexity. It is not simply a case of a stainless steel cable stuck on the side of the building and hoping for the best. Careful thought

  • Echo Orbit

    Echo Orbit

    The piece, commissioned by Brisbane City Council, is titled Echo Orbit and was devised by artist Sandra Selig. Described as a suspended artwork, it takes the form of a sculpture come shade structure i

  • Foley Rest Park

    Foley Rest Park

    Located in the inner Sydney suburb of Glebe, Foley Park has become the perfect refuge from the busy city. Having undergone a rejuvenation in 2014 Tensile was engaged to provide the new arbor structure

  • Elizabeth Quay Footbridge

    Elizabeth Quay Footbridge

    Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge is an integral part of Perth’s master plan to connect the city back to its waterfront and revitalise the city’s central business district. The bridge serve

  • Christmas Lights, Baden

    Christmas Lights, Baden

    The catenary lighting is a principle element of the christmas market in this village near Baden Germany. Suspended across a series of Jakob tensile cables and fittings the lighting becomes an amazing

  • The High Line

    The High Line

    Jakob’s Webnet stainless steel mesh provides solutions with an outstanding price-performance ratio in order to make railings more attractive and safer. We will show how this works using the example of